Stagecoach | Indio, CA 2017 Review

June 13, 2017 0 Comments

Stagecoach | Indio, CA 2017 Review

Ohhh Stagecoach, how we love you! If you've been to Stagecoach, you already know that it is probably the most amazing festival you've ever been to! If you haven' us, you should go! Stagecoach is magical! The venue is set among endless rows of giant palm trees in the California desert and the overall vibe of the festival couldn't be any more perfect! There's giant props and decorations everywhere (think GIANT, from cowboy boots, to rocking chairs, to chickens.) Clearly it makes for countless photo ops and selfies ;)                    
Dierks, Shania, & Kenny, were amazing, Wallet Buckle loves you!!
Stagecoach 2017 was a blast! Until next year...Next stop CMA Fest in Nashville...until then enjoy a few shots from our fun filled, buckle slangin' weekend out in the California Desert!
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