Country Jam | Colorado 2017 Review

June 22, 2017 0 Comments

Country Jam | Colorado 2017 Review

Country Jam Colorado 2017!

The Wallet Buckle Team trekked it from CMA Fest in Nashville to Grand Junction, Colorado in two days!! One of our favorite states, Coloradans always treat Wallet Buckle well & we loved seeing all of our Colorado peeps! Sorry to all our customers that tried to purchase a new Wallet Buckle & had issues with the wristbands. We were just as frustrated with it as you, as we totally wanted anyone and everyone to be rocking their new Wallet Buckles at Country Jam last weekend! Cashless events hopefully won't be making a comeback next year!!

The Buckle Bus ^ Imagine what the inside looks like with 10 people staying in it!








Country Jam 2017

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